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Nudist Beach HQ
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Hey look more tumblr post yoinking.

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And no Levi is not taller than Eren. He’s on his knees.

Got the idea after drawing this:

Bed time now! Hope you all like it!

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Tell me a bedtime story

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"tea is just leaf water!" "yeah well coffee is just bean water!" wow, it’s. it’s like everything is made of things. this door is just wood rectangle. this poster is just ink paper. this lemonade is just lemon water. wow, it’s like you can combine ingredients to make things that are more enjoyable than the initial parts of the equation. sure is a magical world we live in

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When was the last time you saw the NRA and other pro-gun groups come to the defense of anyone who wasn’t white?

Oh that’s right, never.

Because when white people have guns, they are “exercising their 2nd amendment rights”. And when PoC have them, they are “thugs” and “terrorists”.

Ever notice how that works?

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Princess of the Noah’s Ark circus, Doll!

I have a lot of feels and i don’t know what to do with them.

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"Hunt her down"